National Workplace Wellbeing Day – Friday 29th April 2022 

Consideration for the mental well-being of employees in the workplace (and whilst working remotely) and the importance of prioritising and protecting their mental health is essential when addressing the long-term risks of stress, burnout, and other mental health challenges amongst professionals.  In this challenging recovery phase of the pandemic, the needs of all employees cannot be overlooked if we are to recover, heal and begin to move forward.   

Even on the best days, stress in the workplace can prevent us from being fully focused and doing our best. Too much of it can lead to disengagement, more sick days, miscommunication, and strained relationships.  In this current climate it has never been more critical for business managers and Human Resources leaders to address the mental well-being of their teams –

 Why not start today by practising Let’s Get Talking’s Top 5 Tips for wellbeing to ensure a happier and more productive workplace:

  1. Encourage everyone to take a lunch break – eat well, mindfully and provide healthy snacks in the workplace kitchen/canteen. 
  1. Encourage everyone to take time to exercise – a walk around the block, a quick lunchtime gym session or by going one step further providing an area in work to join an online exercise class (don’t forget your sweatbands and legwarmers!) 
  1. Create a culture in the workplace where people know they can be open to colleagues or in a team – facilitating a simple Monday check-in session followed by a Friday check-out session is a great starting place! 
  1. Provide a quiet area in the workplace for people to use as they wish – to meditate, breath for 5 minutes, regulate their emotions or ground themselves. 
  1. Book a wellness workshop for your team with our Let’s Get Talking psychotherapists! 


There is support, Let’s Get Talking have a range of addiction specialist therapist that can support you.

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