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Let’s Get Talking was established in 2013 to remove the barriers to access Counselling and psychotherapy in Ireland.

Co-founders Cyril Hyland and Elaine Ryan set up the first Let’s Get Talking center in Galway 2013.

At the time they noticed significant pressure on the public system with long waiting times to access mental health support, while private therapy simply was unaffordable to many in the community. 

Let’s Get Talking was established with the aim of reducing barriers to accessing counselling and psychotherapy.  

We want to make sure everyone in our community has access to support when needing it, preventing crisis. Anyone can attend our service, for any reason or age (from 10+) and sessions are paid by a donation based on what you can afford for your sessions, ensuring no one is excluded from accessing mental health support due to financial circumstances. 

To date, our therapists have supported over 5,000 people and in 2021 provided 14,504 sessions to children, Adolescents, Adults and couples in Ireland.

Along with providing online therapy nationwide, we have locations around the country including Galway, Dublin, Clare, Limerick, Kerry, and Wexford. Our centres have supported local communities through therapy sessions, workshops and programmes.

With a team of over 100 counsellors and psychotherapists available nationwide for online and face to face counselling, you can contact us in relation to a wide range of issues that can range from seeking help for depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, addiction, trauma, bullying, eating disorders, parenting issues, or family breakdown.

You can also contact our service without a referral and there is no limit to the number of sessions we provide to you.

We envision a society, where psychological support through talk therapy is an accessible and viable option for all citizens no matter their financial circumstances.

To book an appointment with Let’s Get Talking call 0818 714 001 or fill out our confidential form at the end of this web page. 


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